Information Rights Tribunal EA20170161 (You can't make me)

Currently waiting for a response from Humberside Police, they should respond promptly and fel arfer heb fod yn hwyrach na (manylion).

Dear Humberside Police,

The information I would like relates to paragraph 30 of the Information Commissioner's Representations in Tribunal EA20170161:

The Decision Notice referred to is here:

"E. Correction

30. A correction is required in respect of paragraph [24] of the Decision Notice. The paragraph refers to a newspaper article in which it was suggested that a police officer’s witness statement included the phrase “you can’t make me”. The statement in the Decision Notice that “[Humberside Police] explained that [the police officer referred to in the article] was the same police officer who had arrested [the Appellant]” is incorrect. Humberside Police never confirmed who the police officer involved in the incident referred to in the article was. During the investigation Humberside Police only commented that the present request appeared to be motivated by / connected to his arrest by the Arresting Officer (due to the terms of a subsequent request “You Can’t Make Me 2” OB3 page 419), but did not state whether the Arresting Officer was involved in the arrest referred to in the article. The Commissioner is therefore not aware whether the police officer referred to in the article was the Arresting Officer."

Please confirm who the Arresting Officer is who was linked to the newspaper article referred to above?

Yours faithfully,

Rick Wall

Information Compliance, Humberside Police

1 Atodiad

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