Information regarding One Public Estate Scheme

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Dear Wiltshire Council,

With regards to your recent application to the Cabinet Office for One Public Estate funding, please could you provide me with the following:

1. A copy of the funding application to the Cabinet Office.

2. A copy of the supporting business case.

3. A copy of the programme for the scheme.

4. A list of the legal, management and property consultants you have appointed to work on the project so far.

5. The potential value of the scheme.

6. Details of any public consultations that have been held.

7. The name of the lead representatives for each local authority involved in the scheme.

8. The total amount of funding that has been received to date.

Yours faithfully,

Nathan Reid

FOI, Wiltshire Council

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Dear Mr Reid

Please see the attached acknowledgement of your request for information.

Yours sincerely


David Sausins
Information Governance Officer | Corporate Office | Wiltshire Council | Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 8JN | Tel: 01249 709558 | Email: [email address] | Web:

FOI, Wiltshire Council

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Dear Mr Reid,

Please see the attached response to your request for information.

Kind regards,

Kyle McCormack
Information Governance Officer

Wiltshire Council | County Hall | Bythesea Road
Trowbridge | BA14 8JN

Email: [email address] | Web: