Information on Stephen Jeremy Krikler, GMC 2648556 (in the light of disclosures by his employer)

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn yn hwyr iawn. Yn ôl y gyfraith, ym mhob amgylchiad, dylai General Medical Council fod wedi ymateb erbyn hyn. (manylion). Gallwch gwyno drwy yn gofyn am adolygiad mewnol.

h2q (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear General Medical Council,

Please refer to the recent disclosures by Stephen Krikler's employing NHS Trust that has provided information

[extraneous and potentially defamatory material removed] that Stephen Krikler was [potentially defamatory material removed] [potentially defamatory material removed]

'temporarily restricted to performing orthopaedic surgery under supervision'

Please name Stephen Krikler’s supervisor & how long he was supervised. [extraneous material removed]

'[extraneous material removed] '

Can you please elaborate for how long this time period lasted? Is Stephen Krikler performing revision surgery now? The NHS Trust further states
'compliance through supervised reintroduction of orthopaedic surgery with clear
mandate not to perform any revision surgery.'
Please confirm whether Stephen Krikler still operates anywhere. If he does please explain what procedures he performs. Please also provide the time-line of Stephen Krikler’s GMC restrictions until their removal. Please also confirm whether there were FTP hearings before the restrictions were imposed & after they were removed from Stephen Krikler’s registration. Finally the Trust says

'He has since undergone full GMC competency evaluation and this issue is now resolved.'
[extraneous material removed] The Trust has referred me to the GMC for further information & thus this this FOI request.

[extraneous material removed]

Yours faithfully,

C Nazareth

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