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Dr Emma L Briant

Dear Foreign and Commonwealth Office,

I’m writing to request any reports or presentations related to Project ‘Apricot’ in Tashkent, Uzbekistan please. I would also appreciate if you could tell me the name of any outside contractors employed to undertake related work on Target Audience Analysis, Research and/or Strategic Communication work please.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Briant

FOI-DPA PMCS (Sensitive),

Dear Dr Emma Briant,

Thank you for your email to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

In order for us to be able to assist you with your request please could you clarify the scope of your request.  Please provide further details regarding 'Project Apricot'. Any further background you can provide will help us identify the correct department for your request quicker. You will also need to provide a timeframe for us to complete a search of our records.

Once we receive your revised request we will consider it and the appropriate course of action.

We should note that if we do not hear back from you within 10 working days we will close your FOI enquiry. You may resubmit a new FOI request via this inbox anytime.

Yours sincerely

Central FOI Unit
Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Dr Emma L Briant

Dear FOI-DPA PMCS (Sensitive),

Thank you- the project concerns target audience analysis and strategic communication in Uzbekistan. Please could you search dates 2009-2014?
Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Emma L Briant

FOI-DPA PMCS (Sensitive),

1 Atodiad

Dear Dr Briant,


Thank you for your correspondence sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office on 3 September in which you wrote making a Freedom of Information
Request.   I apologise for the delay.  Please see the letter attached.


Yours sincerely


Case Manager

Parliamentary, Ministerial and Central Services (PMCS)




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