Information on Medicine Candidate Assessment

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Dear University of Leeds,

I would like to make a request for both the current, and previous entry cycles for Medicine admissions.

(1) Please can you provide details on how candidates were ranked for interview for your A100 course. Specifically how the BMAT was used and non-academic criteria assessed for 2015 entry and 2016 entry.

(2) Please would you be able to provide information for 2015 entry and 2016 entry on the BMAT scores of candidates. Specifically the average score of those successful in being invited to interview, and what BMAT scores corresponded with what 'band' or mark you attributed to candidates for this.

(3) Please can you provide information on how many individual MMI stations are used in your interviews, what the themes of these individual stations are, and what each of these aim to assess for 2015 entry and 2016 entry.

(4) Please can you provide a copy of the interview marking sheet that is used in the MMIs to assess A100 candidates for 2015 entry and 2016 entry. I would kindly like to request a copy of the form used in each MMI station.

(5) Please can you provide the criteria used to judge candidates suitability for the 5 year Medicine course from their personal statements for 2015 entry and 2016 entry. If any form is used to determine/assess this, I would kindly like to request a copy of this.

I hope that this is not too much trouble for the Medicine department and hope that they can meet my request without too much trouble.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
MJ Thomas

Tracey Crombie,

Dear Mr Thomas

I can confirm receipt of the request below, and you should expect to hear from the University in response by 1 April 2016, if, in the meantime, you have any queries about the request, please don’t hesitate to Contact Jenny Foggin ([email address]) or myself.

Tracey Crombie
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University of Leeds
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Fax: 0113 343 3925

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Jenny Foggin,

[Subject only] FW: Freedom of Information request - Information on Medicine Candidate Assessment

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