Income from beach sand sale and impact of removal on flooding.

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Dear Fylde Borough Council,

Please provide the annual figures for sale of sand from St. Annes beaches for the last ten years anday details of studies carried out to show this action will not contribute to the residents concerns about tidal flooding.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Peter K Roberts.

Gary Pangburn, Fylde Borough Council

Dear Mr Roberts


Thank you for your request for information. The annual income amounts are
as follows:


2016/17 - £257,973

2015/16 - £178,527

2014/15 - £163,055

2013/14 - £98,634

2012/13 - £77,989

2011/12 - £74,547

2010/11 - £69,412

2009/10 -£75,524

2008/09 - £104,124

2007/08 - £149,484


In terms of studies, I understand the Council's Sand Dunes steering group
commissioned a Geomorphological study in 2016.This was approved at the
Operational Management Committee on 31st May 2016. The link to the report
is as follows:


An extract from page 34 of the report may be of interest to you:


Regional processes bring an influx of sediment to the Fylde Coast, with an
overall trend of accumulation within the local sediment cell (Pye & Blott,
2009). Studies undertaken to support the regional SMP2 indicate a net
accumulation of approximately 750,000 m³/year occurs within the Ribble
estuary mouth (Halcrow, 2010). These are dominated by onshore directed
transport of approximately 250,000m3/year from the sea, and approximately
500,000m3/year from the estuary itself. The sediment transport to the
north and south are relatively minor, of the order of 30,000 to

The net accumulation within the sediment cell provides a constant source
of sand for the Fylde Sand Dunes. The local gains assessment between 2010
and 2013 suggests that for the 130ha study area an annual accumulation was
approximately 70,000m3/year. In addition, an estimated 78,000m3/year is
extracted from the beach through sand winning operations (see below and
Figure 3-), giving a total estimated addition to the back beach and dune
system of approximately 150,000m3/year.


I hope this information is of assistance to you.


Kind regards



Gary Pangburn

Legal Officer

Fylde Borough Council


DDI: 01253 658509
Main: 01253 658658



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