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Dear Environment Agency,

I am writing to follow up on IC5 submitted by the EA to IGas as part of the repermitting process. The deadline set by the EA (see below) was 05/10/20.

Please can you send me IGas's written plans on how it is working with all gas produced at its 10 producing wells in Southern England(not just gas to oil ratio estimate but fugitive gases).

Please can you send me a copy of the detailed plans for abatement and mitigation. Please also include how the operator is handling fugitive gases on sites.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,


IC5 - this is an Improvement Condition that looks at all
aspects of gas management from the activities carried out on site. It
requires a full assessment of all the available options for the beneficial
utilisation of all the gas available, including the gas that is vented
from the storage vessels and any gas that may be vented during loading and
unloading of all road vehicles. This IC requires the Operator to submit a
written plan focusing on utilising all gas, but where this is not feasible
to submit a detailed plan considering all options, both combustion and
non-combustion based for the abatement and mitigation to minimise the
environmental impact. These plans will be submitted and assessed for
suitability by our technical team. These plans are due for submission by
the Operator by 05/10/20.

National Requests, Environment Agency

6 Atodiad

Dear Emily,


Thank you for your request.


For us to proceed please can you provide us with location details for the
10 sites you are interested in?


Postcodes or grid references in the following formats would be ideal:


ST5821272702 or 365279,180264




We look forward to your response.


Kind regards


National Requests, NCCC

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