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Ar hyn o bryd yn aros am ymateb gan , rhaid iddynt ymateb yn brydlon ac fel arfer heb fod yn hwyrach na (manylion).

West Midlands Arts News Collective

Dear Birmingham City Council,

In late 2016 the Council made a grant of £77k to Impact Hub Birmingham (or related companies and individuals). Ms Kaur of Impact Hub suggested on social media that there was very little formality about the making of this grant. There was no tendering and no competition for the money says Ms Kaur.

Please disclose ALL the paperwork relating to this grant. Were there discussions before the grant was made? Was former employee Piali Das Gupta involved in these? Who was and why? Please let us have a copy of the grant application. Who at the Council approved the grant? What were the terms and conditions? Is Impact Hub a private company? What steps were taken to ensure the money was properly spent? Have Impact Hub said how the money was actually spent and what benefit this was for Birmingham people?

Has the Council made other grants to Impact Hub or related companies or to Ms Imandeep Kaur. If so please disclose the same information requested in the paragraph above about each individual grant.

Yours faithfully,

West Midlands Arts News Collective

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