Identifying Coached or Psychologically Coerced Children

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Dear Angus Council,

Per the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, please supply me with all information contained in your records:

Please advise your policy, procedures and training programme for Social Work staff dealing with and identifying ‘Coached or psychologically coerced children?’

Please provide your policy and procedures which explains types and examples of diagnostic criteria and/or indicators & signs of a child being coached and/or psychologically coerced?

Please advise your policy and procedures that explains appropriate methods of working with including but not limited to consideration and intervention of a child who may present as being subject to having been coached by psychological coercive control that is given when working with coached and/psychologically coerced children?”

Please acknowledge receipt and I shall look forward to your full and frank disclosure within 20 working days

Yours faithfully,

Ms S Kerr

InformationGovernance, Angus Council

Dear Ms Kerr,

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Gillian McCubbin

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MurrayBM, Angus Council

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Dear Ms Kerr
I refer to your recent freedom of information request. Please find attached our response.
Kind regards

Beverley Murray, Business Support Officer,
Angus Council, HR & Business Support, Business Support Team 3,
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Dear MurrayBM,

Coercive psychological systems use psychological force in a coercive way to cause the learning and adoption of an ideology or designated set of beliefs, ideas, attitudes, or behaviors. A victim may be subjected to various types of coercive influence, anxiety and stress-producing tactics over time.
In a psychologically coercive environment, the victim is forced to adapt in a series of small "invisible" steps. Each step is sufficiently small that the subject does not notice the changes or identify the coercive nature of the process until much later, if ever. These tactics can be reinforced in a group setting by well-intended, but deceived, "friends and allies" of the victim. (Good-cop/Bad-cop).
This keeps the victim from setting up the ego defenses normally maintained in known adversarial situations.
Psychological coercion overcomes the individual's critical thinking abilities and free will - apart from any appeal to informed judgment. Victims gradually lose their ability to make independent decisions and exercise informed consent. Their emotional defenses, cognitive processes, values, ideas, attitudes, conduct and ability to reason are undermined, and decisions are no longer through meaningful free choice, rationality, or the inherent merit or value of the ideas or propositions being presented.

Yours sincerely,

Ms S Kerr

MurrayBM, Angus Council

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