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Dear London North Eastern Railway Limited,

On the 04/09/2020, you ran the last official 225 service from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross. You had special window labels in all the coaches for the occasion which said something like ‘last 225 service from Edinburgh’ and had all the calling points ect, a bit like a normal window label but this time you changed it for this last 225 from Edinburgh so it had more info on it about the train and last 225 ect. Would it be possible for me to have an electronic version or something of it please for my own personal use.

Yours faithfully,

James Thomas

FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

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FOI, London North Eastern Railway Limited

Dear Mr Thomas

Unfortunately we do not hold the information you have requested.

Kind regards

Abigail Coates

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The window label mentioned here was created by LNER staff in a personal capacity - there's some more about it, and a clear photo, on Twitter: