ib applicants in KCL history and international relations

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Dear King’s College London,

I am writing to request the following data for the courses BA International Relations and History as well as BA History for the entry years of 19/18, 18/17 and 17/16.

1) The total number of applicants for each course
2) The total number of ib applicants for each course
3)The total number of offers given for each course
4)The total number of offers given to ib applicants in each course
5)The lowest predicted IB score for a successful applicant in each course

Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Yours faithfully,

Lamar Sakaya

Information Compliance, King's College London

Dear Lamar,


Please see the data below:


Programme Entry Total Total IB Total Total Lowest
Year Applicants Applicants Offers Offers Made IB
Made to IB Score
Applicants of
BA International 2016 277 44 208 39 35 655
Relations and 2017 274 42 232 40 36 666
History 2018 354 56 306 51 36 666
BA History 2016 1081 92 994 91 35 665
2017 1271 129 1168 126 35 655
2018 1321 150 1249 149 31 664


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Yours sincerely


Jade Roche

Information Compliance


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