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Dear North East London NHS Foundation Trust,

How many patients who achieve reliable recovery during a course of IAPT treatment are contacted for a 6 month follow-up after treatment, and with what results?

Yours faithfully,

Dr Amit Mukherjee

Information Governance, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Dr Mukherjee


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request on the 27^th July.


Talking therapies do not routinely follow up clients who don’t wish to
continue with their referral or drop out of treatment. Psychological
provision in primary care requires people to be able to engage in the
process and it is considered an important factor for good outcomes in

However we do inform the referrer and confirm closure of the case in
writing so that the individual can make further contact with us as needed.

Kind regards



Information Governance Team

North East London NHS Foundation Trust





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