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Dear Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust,

Please could you provide the following information:

How many joiners, movers, and leavers do you process per year?

How many staff/whole time equivalents manage this process?

Do you have an automated system to manage ESR?

Do you use a single sign on solution across the organisation to manage the accounts?
If so, which solution do you have?

How many people are in your organisation's data quality team?

Yours faithfully,

Clive Townsend

informationgovernance (LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST), Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dear Mr Townsend

We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail requesting information from the Trust under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("the Act"). Please note that whilst the Trust strives to be open and is normally able to satisfy requests in full, the right of access is not absolute and we may therefore have to refuse queries, either in full or in part, on the basis of the exemptions (for example, in cases where disclosure would breach patient confidentiality, or put people in danger). All such decisions will be made, and fully justified, in accordance with the law.

We are required under the Act to respond to valid queries no later than the twentieth working day following receipt. Your request was received on 18/12/2019, which means our deadline for response calculates to 15/01/2020. If we are able to respond to you sooner than this, we will do so.

Should you have any queries or concerns in the meantime, please contact us directly using the e-mail address below - quoting reference number 19-1795

Please note: if, having fully considered your request, we reasonably require further information in order to respond, we will request this from you by e-mail as soon as possible. In all such cases, the above timescales will be disregarded and the 20 working day clock shall instead begin once we have received the necessary clarification. There shall be no duty for us to comply with your request until we receive this information from you.

Kind Regards,


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informationgovernance (LEEDS TEACHING HOSPITALS NHS TRUST), Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

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Dear Mr  Townsend
Please find attached herewith a response to your Freedom of Information
Kind regards


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Dear Lorna,
Thank you for reviewing my questions and providing the detailed response attachment.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Townsend