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NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group,


is supposed to let you do repeat prescriptions etc online at

This link has worked in the past but has not worked for several months.

1. Why is this link not working?

2. Is this link likely to ever work again? If so, when?

3. Which NHS department is responsible for managing this systmonline?

Yours faithfully,

John Walker

Foi (NHS NEL CSU), NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group

Dear Mr Walker


Thank you for your email.


NEL no longer manages freedom of information services for NHS Norwich
Clinical Commissioning Group. You would need to contact them directly to
ask a freedom of information request.



Kind regards


Caroline E Old 
FOI Officer   
[1][NHS Norwich CCG request email]  

07867 140721  


1 Lower Marsh, 3^rd Floor  
Lower Marsh, London SE1 7NT  







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Sent request to NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group again, using a new contact address.

Gadawodd Martyn Dewar anodiad ()


We have updated the contact address for the NHS Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group - Unfortunately we have only just been alerted to the fact that the address was out of date. I will re-submit your request, which should show on WDTK shortly.

Alternatively, the GP surgery you refer to has now been added to WDTK -

Martyn - volunteer

Norfolkandwaveneyccgs (NHS ARDEN AND GREATER EAST MIDLANDS COMMISSIONING SUPPORT UNIT), NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group

2 Atodiad

Good morning Mr Walker


Thank you for your request for information below.


The individual GP practice would be responsible for this, i.e. practices
manage their own IT infrastructure and websites; including systmonlin.  GP
practices are also responsible for the handling of their own Freedom of
Information requests, sometimes supported by NHS England which can be
contacted at [1]


I would recommend contacting the practice directly to discuss the matter. 
I have clicked on the link provided for the systmonline login and I was
taken to the login page, see screenshot below:



I hope this is useful to you?


Kind regards




Philip Humphreys

Freedom of Information Manager


T: 01246 514965

M: 07827083868

E: [2][email address]





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