How much is spent on research on different diseases in the UK and worldwide?

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Dear Government Office for Science,

I'm aware that you may not be the right victim for this request - but you may know who is.

What I'm looking to discover is whether there are central figures for the total spent on different diseases research OVERALL - i.e. not just by the government or universities or drug companies, both UK and internationally. This is with a view to establishing whether those spending levels reflect the prevalence and significance of the diseases, both in the UK and worldwide. Most obviously are we spending enough on Alzheimer's and Diabetes given their massive prevalence as compared with fashionable ones like cancer.

A brief internet search didn't throw up any obvious data, so I'm asking to discover whether the UK government has such data and whether it uses that data to determine which diseases its funding is being targeted on.

Yours faithfully,

John Davidson on behalf of FOI Requests,

BEIS ref: FOI2017/27722

Dear Mr Davidson

Thank you for your request for information which was received on 22nd
November. Your request has been passed on to the appropriate official at
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FOI Requests,

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Dear Mr Davidson,


Please find attached the department’s response to your information

Reference FOI2017/27722.


Kind regards,


Information Rights Unit


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