How much has Cannock council spent on private investigators?

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Dear Cannock Chase District Council,

Under Freedom of Information legislation can you please provide details on the amount of money that has been spent by the council on employing independent private investigators over the last five years (between 20th March 2011 to 20th March 2016)?

Can the response include details of what the private investigators were employed to do?

How many individual firms or private investigators have been employed by the council?

During that time how many complaints have been made to the council in relation to these private investigators? What sort of complaints have been made and by whom?

How much money has been spent on employing the council’s own investigators (ie: private investigators actually employed by the council)?

Can you provide details, whether it be through documented estimates or actual calculated figures, of how much money has been saved by the council as a result of employing these independent private investigators during this time?

Yours faithfully,

Helen Hodgetts

Info Manager, Cannock Chase District Council

Thank you for your email.


If it is in regard to a Freedom of Information request you will receive a
response from us within 20 working days of the date of this email.


Thank you

Information Manager

Cannock Chase Council


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Info Manager, Cannock Chase District Council

Dear Helen

Thank you for your request for information.

We have employed no such private investigators during the period specified.

If you have any queries relating to how your request has been handled in relation to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 please feel free to contact me.

You can also complain to the Information Commissioner at:
Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Telephone: 01625 545 700

Yours sincerely,

Information Manager
Cannock Chase Council

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