Housing Applications

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Richard Pendleton

Dear Cherwell District Council,

I would like to have information regarding accepted planning applications for domestic housing across Cherwell District Council's Jurisidiction.
- Which company has made the application
- how many houses, how big the houses are,
- what type of housing (social, private)
- When the project will begin
- When the project is forecast to be completed

Also if you have this information:
- If they will be rented or sold
- what building companies/contractors will actually be building the

If possible, it is prefferable to have this information for predicted completed projects 2012 to 2017
If you dont know when a project is predicted to be completed, then a list of all housing applications within 2007 to 2012 will suffice.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Pendleton

Carolyn Mangnall,

3 Atodiad

Further to your recent request (shown below) please see attached


Carolyn Mangnall
Management Support Officer
Planning, Housing and Economy
01295 221871
Extn 1871
[email address]

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