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Dear Chichester District Council,

"I searched on your website and couldn't find a copy of your 2018 HMO Licence Register as prescribed under the Housing Act 2004 s.232 (1) and the information that is required to be maintained within the register is described in the The Licensing and Management of Houses in Multiple occupation and Other Houses (Miscellaneous Provisions) (England) Regulations 2006.

The latter is extracted here for convenience:

Registers of Licences

11.—(1) The following particulars are prescribed for each entry in a register established and maintained under section 232(1)(a) of the Actin respect of a licence granted under Part 2 (HMOs) or 3 (selective licensing) of the Act which is in force—

(a) HMO Property Address
(b) HMO Licence Holder(s) Full Name
(c) HMO Licence Holders Correspondence Address
(d) HMO Managers Name
(e) HMO Managers Address
(f) A short description of the licensed HMO or house;
(g) A summary of the conditions of the licence;
(h) Date of Licence Commencement
(I) Date of Licence Expiry
(j) Duration of Licence
(k) Licence Number
(l) Number of Households
(m) Maximum Number of Occupants
(n) Number of Units/Bedrooms
(o) Number of Self Contained Units
(p) Number of Non Self Contained Units
(q) Number of Storeys
(r) Number of Kitchens
(s) Number of Reception
(t) Number of Bathrooms
(u) Number of Separate WCs

A reply using Excel format would be very helpful.

Thanks very much in advance."

Yours faithfully,

Mr wallace

Jenny Jones, Chichester District Council

4 Atodiad

Dear Mr Wallace


Thank you for your email received 03 October 2018, requesting information
regarding the above register .


Your request has been dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000 and has been answered within twenty working days.


Please see attached the information we have available and what is usually
supplied on request for our register. However, the other information that
has been requested is not currently held on our database and so could only
be obtained by going through each application form individually. We
acknowledge that the regulations require this information to be provided
in a public register so we will endeavour to provide this if absolutely
necessary but it may take several weeks to prepare.


To comply with the GDPR  your contact details will be stored on a secure
database for the purposes of responding to your FOI request for one year.
  This information will not be provided to any other organisation.  “The
Council works hard to take care of your information in accordance with the
General Data Protection Regulations.  See
[1] for
further details.”


If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the
right to ask for an internal review.  Internal review requests should be
submitted within two months of the date of receipt of the response to your
original request and should be addressed to Nicholas Bennett,  Divisional
Manger of Democratic Services, please quote the case ID reference as above
on all communication.


Yours sincerely


Jenny Jones



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