HMO licences list

Barnet Borough Council Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Barnet Borough Council,

Please can you provide me with the following information under the
Freedom Of Information Act :-
(a) addresses of all Registered Residential HMO properties that are
within your councils area; and
(b) the maximum number of occupants that each property
referred to in (a) is licensed to hold
(b) the last actual registered number of occupants that each
property referred to in (a) holds
(c) the date each of the properties in (a) was first registered as
(d) the names of the owners/licence holders of those properties
referred to in (a)

Yours faithfully,


Freedom of Information Act, Barnet Borough Council

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Freedom of Information Act, Barnet Borough Council

Thank you for the email. We have dealt with this enquiry as a business as usual enquiry.
The council does not hold this information as housing, homelessness, allocations and management of the housing stock are handled by Barnet Homes. Barnet Homes is our ALMO (Arms’ Length Management Organisation) which manages the council’s housing stock and associated services on the council’s behalf. They are a public authority under Freedom of Information Act 2000 and so you may make a FOI request to them. Their contact details are

Email: [email address]

Post: The Data Controller
Barnet Homes
Barnet House
1255 High Road
London N20 0EJ.

I hope this is of assistance

Nick Taylor
Information Management Officer
Information Management Team (IMT), Building 2 NLBP
Tel: 020 8359 2587