Health Visitor Numbers and Caseload sizes 2006-2011

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Dear Ealing Primary Care Trust (PCT),
Would you be so kind as to provide:
1. Health Visitor caseload numbers of children for
2006,2007,2008,2009.2010 and 2011.
(please provide average (mean) caseload size, median and range)

2. Numbers of Health Visitors /Public Health Nurse Practitioners at
grade 6 AfC
Numbers of Public Health Nurses at grade 5 AfC
Numbers of Nursery Nurses at grade 4 AfC
for the following years

Yours faithfully,


FOI NWL, Ealing Primary Care Trust (PCT)

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Freedom of Information
NHS North West London

Brian Coleman, Ealing Primary Care Trust (PCT)

Dear Sir


In accordance with Section 1 Freedom of Information Act 2000 I can advise
you that Ealing Primary Care Trust do not hold the information you


As Ealing PCT is an NHS commissioning body and not an NHS Provider Trust,
we do not hold the information you have requested, as health visiting
services are not managed by the PCT. 


This request should be dealt with by Ealing Hospital NHS Trust (community
health services – Ealing).  I do not have details of who you should send
your request to, but you can find details of the Trust at


Yours faithfully


Brian Coleman

FOI team
NHS North West London 
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Direct Line: 020 3350 4664



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