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Sharoane Corbett

Dear Independent Medical Expert Group,

Britsh soldiers lleft service 2007-08 who fought in the war on terrorism 'Saddam Hussein' 2006 reported 'lost year'!
British and US lost their own war records - Global Military War records confirm 2006 no submission's were made for 2006

How are medical expert's assessing war veterans of Iraq May -Dec 2006 with combat head Injuries - unreported casualties by British Armed Services non inclusion of soldier's deployment records in medical service records?

How is the Medical Group assessing Iraq 2006 Veterans for war attritubed Injuries, UK Armed Forces personnel did not medically
discharge or treat combat casualties 2006
They are war veteran's with war attritubuted to emerging war survivors of Iraq 2006 how are the pension award's assessed with or without factual evidence?
Are their structure and provisions for these war casualties? if so please provide Information and who provides this information, how it is used and gathered? if medical data breach and harm has occurred as a result of missing military casualty records, armed service cannot provide and should provide!

Why is their a cut of point 2005 for war veterans of did sign the new armed service pension changes in active service
Armed Servicie medical would therefore for many war veterans of head Injuries from combat in Iraq would or did receive ICD 10

How many veteran's of Iraq Op Telic May 2006 have medical expert group assessed and how? Have the British Ministry of Defense provided this information? If not as a Medical Expert Group how are pension's assessed on breached medical data for these veteran's of war.

Yours faithfully,

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Dear Ms Corbett,


Thank you for your email requesting information under the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.


Please see the attached response.


Kind regards,


Defence People Secretariat FOI