Ground Support Equipment Weapons

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Dear Royal Air Force,

Please could you supply me any Air Publications regarding the "Weapons Ground Support Equipment" for loading and unloading of Tornado - Sidewinder missiles, Sky Flash Missiles and 27mm Mauser cannon ammunition box. Tornado F3 aircraft.

If you could also please send me any full Air Publications regarding the "Weapons Ground Support Equipment" for Loading/unloading Sidewinder missiles and SUU 23A gun on the Phantom Aircraft the RAF had, that would be much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Johnson

DES Sec-FOI (MULTIUSER), Royal Air Force

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Dear Mr Johnson,

FOI2019/13294 Ground Support Equipment Weapons: Please see the attached documents concerning your request below.

Many thanks,

DE&S Secretariat
Maple 0A, MOD Abbey Wood, #2043, Bristol, BS34 8JH Defence Equipment & Support

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