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Jim Killock made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Improvement Service (Scotland)
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (manylion).

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Dear Improvement Service (Scotland),

Please send me the following documents and lists:

(1) Governance documents explaining how your policy is formed and agreed;
(2) An organisational structure and diagram if available;
(3) A list of external agreements, arrangements, contracts and MoUs with public authorities for the receipt or supply of services such as the Entitlement Card and related database systems;
(4) A list of policy documents relating to the supply of external services

In relation to items (3) and (4), these can be limited to items that are directly guiding the Improvement Services' work procuring and supplying IT systems. General policies such as health and safety, fire evacuations, personnel and so on can be excluded.

If this request exceeds the limit on costs to find and extract the information, please start with item (1) followed by (2), (3), and finally (4). If work extracting (3) and (4) appears to exceed the limit on costs, these can be limited to information relevant to the Entitlement Card and related database systems.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Killock

Loraine Higgins, Improvement Service (Scotland)

2 Atodiad


The Improvement Service is a partnership between the Convention of
Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) and the Society of Local Authority
Chief Executives (SOLACE). It is a company limited by guarantee. The
Improvement Service is governed by a Board of Directors which meets
quarterly and this is chaired by Councillor David O’Neill, President of
COSLA. Although please note we are currently without a chair given the
very recent election results. The new president of COSLA will be decided
at their convention meeting scheduled to take place at the end of June


A list of current Board members can be found here:




Company Performance and Finance is reported to the IS Board and IS Audit
Committee on a quarterly basis and the Board is also responsible for
approving company policy. A copy of the IS management structure is
enclosed with this email.


The Improvement Service received £4.6M per annum from Scottish Government
for the Customer First initiative (2015-18) as described in our financial
statements, available on the IS website:




Also apparent in the financial statements is the full range of grants and
income received for financial year 2016/17.


The Customer First initiative includes the National Entitlement Card
Scheme. The Scottish Government sponsors the Customer First initiative as
part of the overall efficiency and reform objectives of the wider Scottish
public sector. The managing ‘agent’ for the initiative is the Improvement
Service.   The ‘delivery partners’ for the services include National
Records of Scotland and Scottish Local Government. Customers include
Transport Scotland and YoungScot.


The Customer First initiative includes:


•             ‘mygovscot myaccount’

•             Master data management

•             National Entitlement Card

•             One Scotland Gazetteer 


The Improvement Service has assigned Dundee City Council as the delivery
partner for the National Entitlement Card scheme. Therefore, all
associated contracts for cards and related database systems are arranged
and managed by Dundee City Council.


A copy of the IS procurement policy for external supplies and services is
attached for your information.




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