Dear Belfast City Council,

Further to the incident predicted and warned to HSENI who choose not to pass the warning to local councils at the Clay Oven Ballyhackmore and the Councils response to request 400 catering premesis to provide commerical catering reports I would ask the following questions please?

1. How many commerical catering reports were requested this year 2019 to insure that operators are complying with Legislation 35 GSIU&R to keep staff and public safe?

2. Do the Council request operators keep records/diary of all work on Gas and Ventilation work carried out on premises? Does the EHO’s request details of who has repaired and maintained has applies as several illegal gas worker are currently doing the rounds in Belfast unchallenged as usual by HSENI and Gas Safe?

3. Did Belfast finally get all 400 reports returned?

4. How many of the reports showed installations which were Immediately Dangerous?

5. How many of the reports showed installations which were At Risk?

6. Can we have a copy of report into Clay Oven incident given its nearly 16 months since the explosion?

7. Does the council have any staff specifically assigned to monitor Gas Compliance to insure health and safety? If what number?

Yours faithfully,

Robert King

Mark McGovern, Belfast City Council

1 Atodiad


Dear Mr King

Further to your request for information under the Freedom of Information
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