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Dear Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust,

I am undertaking a study on the numbers of Public Health/Welfare
Funerals undertaken by NHS Trusts. I would appreciate it if you
would provide answers to the following FOI request.

1. The total number of public health funerals (where the deceased
has no relatives or there is no one else willing to pay) that your
Trust has undertaken for the financial years 2010/11, 2011/12,

2. The number of public health funerals that your Trust has
undertaken by gender for the past 3 financial years?

3. The number of public health funerals that your Trust has
undertaken by age for the past 3 financial years?
Since April 2010, how many cases have there been where family and
friends refuse to finance or make arrangements for their relatives

4. How much have the burials/cremations cost the Trust broken down
by year for the last three financial years? This cost information
does not need to include administrative or staff costs, and before
any costs are claimed back by the local authority from the
deceased’s estate

5. How much does your trust typically (average cost) pay for a
Public Health Funeral?

6. What does your Trust provide at a Public Health Funeral?

7. What relationship do you have with your local council(s)
regarding funerals of this nature?

8. Have you observed any of the following over the last three

• Higher numbers or people dying without any income or assets
• Higher numbers of people dying with family or friends unable to
contribute to the costs of a funeral
• Higher numbers of people dying with family or friends unwilling
to contribute to the costs of a funeral
• Higher numbers of people dying with no friends or family

Yours faithfully,

paul ogden

Patel Lata (RWR) Herts Partnership FT,




Monday 8^th April 2013  


Name Paul Ogden  

Email : Records & Access to
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Dear   Mr Ogden


Thank you for your request for information regarding Public Health/Welfare



Your request was received on the 5^th April 2013.and we are dealing with
it under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


In some circumstances a fee may be payable and if that is the case, we
will let you know.  A fees notice will be issued to you and you will be
required to pay before we will proceed to deal with your request.


If there is anything you need clarification on, please do not hesitate to
contact us.


Yours sincerely




Lata Patel

Records & Access to Information Co-ordinator


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Dear Mr Ogden


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request.


Yours sincerely


Vivienne Smith

Records and Access to Information Officer - West SBU

Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Waverley Road

St Albans


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