Funding for municipal golf courses

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Dear South Ayrshire Council,

Please tell me how much money was granted, or otherwise given, to municipal golf courses in south ayrshire. Please detail how much each golf course received and also if there are any requirements or duties that the golf course must accept in order to receive public funding.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Holmes

FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

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FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

Dear Mr Holmes


Thank you for your information enquiry of the above reference number.  Due
to the nature of your request, it has been dealt with under the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002.


I can confirm that the golf service receives no external grants or
funding. Revenue budgets are set per course:


|COURSE |Budget Expenditure |
|Troon Links |£599,119.83 |
|Belleisle Park |£488,777.05 |
|Dalmilling |£183,952.59 |
|Girvan |£185,959.26 |
|Maybole |£46,442.23 |


All regulations relating to the use of Public Funds applies. No other
statutory requirements apply as Golf is a non-statutory Council Service.
The service is expected to contribute effectively to the strategic
objectives of the Council Plan 2018-22.


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