Freepost addresses registered to Alnwick District Council

Alnwick District Council Nid oedd gan y wybodaeth y gofynnwyd amdani.

Dear Sir or Madam,

RE Freedom of Information Act

Please disclose all Freepost addresses registered to Alnwick District Council

I require disclosure of the full addresses including licence number (or new style licence number) , address and postcode for all Royal Mail Response products used ( Business Reply , Business Reply Plus , Freepost , Freepost Plus ) by Alnwick District Council

Yours faithfully,

Mr Bala

Masson, Neil, Alnwick District Council

Dear Mr Bala

Thank you for your request dated 19th February 2009. I will be the officer handling your request and may be contacted by telephone on 01665 511215 should you have any questions or concerns about your request.

A final decision on your request would normally be sent to you within 4 weeks. A week is defined in the Act to mean 5 consecutive weekdays, excluding Saturdays and public holidays (Sundays are also excluded, as they are not weekdays). This means that you can expect a decision letter to issue from this Department/Body not later than 19th March 2009.

There are some limited situations under the FOI Act which could mean that the period for a final decision may be longer than the normal four weeks. If this occurs in the case of your request, I will promptly advise you by E-mail.

Should our final decision not reach you on time, please feel free to call me to discuss any problems that may have arisen. If you have not heard from us once the allotted time has expired, you are automatically entitled to make a complaint to the Council. This will be dealt with under the Council's Official Complaints Procedure. The complaint will be dealt with by a more senior member of staff of the Council.

In the event that you need to make such a complaint, you can do so by writing to the Chief Executive, Alnwick District Council, Allerburn House, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1YY or alternatively by sending an e-mail to [email address]. You should state that you are complaining because an initial decision was not sent to you within the time permitted.

Yours sincerely

Neil J Masson
Assistant Solicitor

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Masson, Neil, Alnwick District Council

Dear Mr Bala

Please accept my apologies for not responding sooner. My officers inform me that they are not aware of any freepost addresses being registered to Alnwick District Council.

Please note that this applies to the position pre-1st April 2009. After that date the Alnwick District Council became Northumberland County Council as part of Local Authority Reorganisation, and the position with the new authority may be different.


Neil Masson

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