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Dear Children’s Commissioner for England,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am emailing you in regards of obtaining contact information for the most suitable person to contact via telephone/email/post. If possible, could you forward me on relevant contact information for any persons specialising in;
 Information Security
 Information Technology
 Data Protection
 Information Governance
I would be very grateful if you could you state their position within the company also.

Said information will be used to contact the relevant client regarding our state-of-the-art cyber security awareness platforms and e-learning modules, which in turn make staff more vigilant with their data protection approach – keeping your companies’ data safe and less likely to be part of a data breach.

Many thanks in advance,
Rebecca Brown

FOSTER, Lyn - Children's Commissioner, Children's Commissioner for England

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Dear Rebecca,


I refer to your Freedom of Information request which we received on the 21
August 2018 in which you seek contact information  for staff working for
the Children's Commissioner persons specialising in Information Security,
Information Technology, Data Protection and Information Governance.


Please note that the Office of the Children’s Commissioner is a Non
Departmental Public Body , employing 30 members of staff and all our ICT
services are provided by the Department for Education, (our sponsoring
department), through a Service Level Agreement.

In addition as required under the GDPR legislation 2018 appointed an Data
Protection Officer who have be contacted on
[1][email address]


Best wishes,




Lyn Foster
Business Support Adviser
Children's Commissioner's Office
[2]Childrens Commissioner
Advice Line: 0800 528 0731
Direct line: 0207 783 8203

Telephone: 0207 783 8330

Email: [3][email address]
Post: Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BT
Online: [4]
[5]facebook [6]twitter [7]youtube
[8]Promoting & protecting

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