Framework for measuring success of Aylesbury estate regeneration

Jerry Flynn made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Notting Hill Genesis
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Dear Notting Hill Housing Association,

In the summer of 2014, you commissioned 'Social Life' to undertake a study and create a framework for measuring the success of the regeneration of the Aylesbury estate over the next 20 years - as explained on their website here:

I am writing to request a copy of this framework report.

Yours faithfully,

Jerry Flynn
35% Campaign

from: Websdale, Nathalie <[email address]>
to: 35 Percent <[email address]>
date: 11 December 2015 at 14:01
subject: RE: CST8656/2015/11/17 Freedom of Information request - Framework for measuring success of Aylesbury estate regeneration

Dear Jerry,

Unfortunately this report does not yet exist.
Once the report is complete we will publish this on our website, as the intention is that it is of public value.

Please also be aware that Notting Hill Housing as a housing association is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Kind regards

Dear Nathalie,

Thanks for your reply which we have copied in above. We note that Social Life worked on the estate in the summer of 2014 to establish a 'benchmark to measure the success of the regeneration':

We understand that this information has been presented to the Aylesbury's Creation Trust board and in the absence of a final report we would be grateful if you would send us this.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Jerry Flynn

Gadawodd Chris Morris anodiad ()

Would be good if this was responded to by Notting Hill Housing

Dear Nathalie,

A year has now passed since your last communication and the report has still not been published.
I would be grateful if you could either let us have a copy of the report or let us know when you plan to publish it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Jerry Flynn
35% Campaign

Dear Nathalie,

I would be grafteful if you would respond to this information request. I understand that Notting Hill Trust is not subject to Freedom of Information law, but given the significant level of public investment in the Aylesbury estate scheme transparency is clearly a key concern.

Yours sincerely,

Jerry Flynn
35% Campaign

Websdale, Nathalie, Notting Hill Genesis

3 Atodiad

Dear Jerry,


Notting Hill remains committed to investing in the social and economic
wellbeing of the existing and future Aylesbury community, as well as
measuring the impact of the regeneration activity over time.

It is our intention to continue to carry out a regular annual residents’
survey to understand the social and economic impact of the regeneration on
Aylesbury residents. This information allows us to target our resources to
address issues and deliver positive outcomes.


We carried out an initial survey in 2014 to establish a baseline against
which to measure the impact. We have not produced a report on the
baseline, this data is being used to shape our programme and target
resources most effectively. It is our intention to share information once
the next survey has been completed, showing the change over time.


The purpose of the framework is to measure the impact over the lifetime of
the Aylesbury regeneration programme. Due to delays on the regeneration,
this activity has consequently also been delayed. However we will progress
as intended once the programme moves forward.


The social impact measurement framework is based on seven partnership
performance indicators, against which we intend to measure the impact of
the regeneration.

These are benchmarked against other similar areas. Please note that there
may be some changes to these, should more useful or meaningful indicators
be identified.


The indicators include:

•             Residents’ satisfaction with the neighbourhood as a place to

•             Residents feeling part of the local community

•             Residents sustaining meaningful employment

•             Young people making progress to achieve positive outcomes in
education, training and employment

•             Residents feeling that their health and wellbeing has

•             Residents feeling safe

•             Residents feeling that they have influence over the future
of their area


Kind regards



Nathalie Websdale
Head of Regeneration Communications

t: 020 3815 0188 | m: 07568 100 946 | visit us: The Old Pharmacy, 2^nd
Floor Taplow, Thurlow Street, London SE17 2UQ


Notting Hill Housing  Bruce Kenrick House, 2 Killick Street, London N1 9FL





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Dear Nathalie,

You claim in your response that you carried out an "initial survey in 2014 to establish a baseline against
which to measure the impact" but that you "have not produced a report on the baseline because "this data is being used to shape our programme".

Please send us a copy of this baseline "data" from your "initial survey in 2014" which you refer to.

Yours sincerely,

Jerry Flynn