Dear Sefton Borough Council,

I would like for you to give me more specific details regarding this paragraph.

You will be paid a generous financial allowance, ranging from £175 – £436 per week. The allowance you receive will depend on your skill level and the age of the child you are fostering. You may also receive a greater allowance if you care for children with additional needs and / or a disability."

1) Please show me the breakdown of how both the lower £175 and upper £436 amounts are achieved, as well as all other payment tiers.

2) Please give specific details as to what is required for each skill level.

3) Please give figures in relation to the extra payments if the child has additional needs and/or a disability.

4) I would also like to know about foster carer grants and what has been approved in the past.
i) What is required to be considered in legislation?
ii) Are necessary home repairs and/or improvements such as electrical work, damp (guttering, pointing & roofing) issues or heating (draft & radiator) issues included?
iii) Is general poor decoration / worn carpets of bedrooms be it either for the foster child or the fosterers own children included?
iiii) Have you ever carried out an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) when placing a child in foster care and would this be considered?
iiiii) What is needed to be shown in order to qualify for a home extension grant?

Please show all of the above based on both 2015 legisation and current legislation and if any foster carers have recieved payments/grants for these things previously!

5) To ensure that you comply with special guardians receiving the same payments as foster carers, please give details as to whether the same payments are paid: Basic, One-Off, Skills, Disability, and Grants.

Please give any information whether any special guardian past or present have been paid anything other than the standard payments when moving from being a foster carer!

6) Please detail any other payments that foster carers can access that I may have missed.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Bicknell


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Dear Sefton Borough Council,

The FOI Act statutory limit of twenty working days has now past, please can you provide an update to the request.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R N Bicknell

Dear Sefton Borough Council,

It has now been over 7 days since your reply was due. Please can you respond to let me know what is happening! I will be requesting an internal review when if it becomes 14 days late.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R N Bicknell


Dear Mr Bicknell

Thank you for your request that we received on the 27 February 2017.

We are dealing with your request and I understand that a response has been completed and will be sent to you once the this has been checked by the Service Manager.

If you have any questions please contact me direct.

Your sincerely

John Clintworth
Business & Intelligence Team
Sefton MBC
L20 7AE

Tel: 0151 934 4827
email: [email address]

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear John,

Thankyou for your reply however the 14th day is now tomorrow!!

Yours sincerely,

Mr R N Bicknell

Sefton Council,

1 Atodiad

Information request
Our reference: 774533


Dear Sir/Madam
Thank you for your request for information received on 29 January 2018.
Please find attached our response to your request.
Yours faithfully
John Clintworth
Business Intelligence Team
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