Foster carer utilisation June 2016

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn yn hwyr iawn. Yn ôl y gyfraith, ym mhob amgylchiad, dylai Darlington Borough Council fod wedi ymateb erbyn hyn. (manylion). Gallwch gwyno drwy yn gofyn am adolygiad mewnol.

Dear Darlington Borough Council,

Please could you provide the following information using the month of June 2016 as the datum point
1. How many registered foster carers you have engaged directly by yourselves ( not via a third party agencies )
2. How many foster carers you have as employed persons under a form of employment contract
3. How many foster carers you presently engage via third party/independent agencies (number per agency ) and the registered names of those agencies
4. What is the present utilisation profile ( compared with registered capability) of the directly engaged group e,g no placements, 1 out of 2 placements etc
5. How many of your directly registered foster carers , are also engaged ( have placements from ) either third party agencies or other local authorities, if the response is none please could you provide any detail for this e.g preventative arrangements. Non sharing agreements you have in place
6. How many of your directly registered foster carers have received continuous monetary payments from yourselves for the following periods 6 , 12, 18 months over the last 2 years
7. Please could you identify how each of your third party agencies are engaged ? type of contract, contract period , type of provision etc
Many thanks for your assistance in this matter .

Yours faithfully,

james knoll

Complaints, Darlington Borough Council

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Dear Mr Knoll

Request reference number: DBC-1311-16

Thank you for your request for information, received yesterday

We are processing your request in accordance with our Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Request Procedure, which you can find on our website at:

If we need more information in order to process your request, we will contact you in due course.

You can expect a full response to your request within 20 working days.

Kind regards

Freedom of Information Officer
Neighbourhood Services and Resources Group Darlington Borough Council, Town Hall Darlington, DL1 5QT (room 303)
Tel: (01325) 406777
E-mail: [Darlington Borough Council request email]

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