Fork lift truck incident statistics

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Dear Covent Garden Market Authority,

Could you please supply details of all incidents since 01/01/2009 to date involving fork lift truck (FLT) operations on your site that should be captured in a health and safety management system

These could include (but are not limited to)the following

Personal injury collisions involving FLTs
Damage only collisions involving FLTs
Near misses relating to both the above
Improvement notices relating to FLT operations
Prohibition notices relating to FLT operations
Other interventions by health and safety enforcement authorities such as HSE FFIs
Costs of any court cases arising from FLT operations
Costs of any out of court settlements for incidents arising from FLT operations

If any FFIs have been undertaken could you please confirm the total cost incurred at the date of this request for each such intervention

Yours faithfully,

Mike Roulston

Clive Morton, Covent Garden Market Authority

3 Atodiad

Mr Roulston


I refer to your Freedom of Information request dated 18^th December 2013.


I attach a schedule of FLT incidents at CGMA from 1^st January 2009 to


The incidents on 11^th June and  27^th September 2010 are the subject of
claims that are going through a court process. These are being dealt with
by our insurance company. We do not have details of costs incurred to date
as they are not directly passed on to us. There have been no out of court


In 2011 CGMA was prosecuted by Wandsworth Council in respect of the
incident dated 11^th June 2010. This resulted in a fine of £20k plus costs
of £15k.


During the period we received 10 Improvement Notices. Although they did
not specifically refer to FLTs they covered separation of workplace
transport and pedestrians, vehicle movements and circulation and site


We have received no prohibition notices or other interventions re health
and safety nor incurred any fees for intervention.


Clive Morton



Clive Morton
Finance Director & Authority Secretary

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