Foreign call centres.

Roy Peterson made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Post Office Limited

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Dear Post Office Limited,

I am writing to find out under the FOI Act whether or not you currently have any foreign call centres?

Do you have any foreign call centres (or customer service centres or whatever you call them) dealing with customers via phone and/or email and/or social media and/or any other methods?

I am defining "foreign" as meaning outside of, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, Sark, Isle Of Man, so anywhere outside of these places is what i am asking about.

If the answer is no then just tell me that and you can ignore the rest of my request below:

However if the answer is yes then please tell me:

What countries and what cities within these countries are these call centres located in?

How many people work in these call centres?

How many people work during one shift in these call centres?

How many hours do these call centre employees work per day and per week and per month?

What are the shift times (in the local time of that country) that the employees work?

How much (in the local currency of that country) do these call centre employees get paid?

How is the wage worked out (eg is it per hour or per day or a salary)?

How often do they get paid (eg weekly or monthly)?

How are they paid (eg cash or cheque or direct to bank account)?

Are they directly employed by you or by another company or agency on behalf of you?

What is the minimum age of the people that work in these call centres?

What measures have you put in place to ensure the employees are treated well and fairly especially if they are located in a country without any decent labour laws?

I am awaiting your response regarding my questions within twenty working days.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Peterson, Post Office Limited

Our ref: FOI2022/00224

Dear Roy Peterson,

Thank you for your request for information which was received on 15th
March. Your request is being considered under the terms of the Freedom of
Information Act 2000.

The Act requires that a response must be given promptly, and in any event
within 20 working days. We will therefore reply at the latest by 13th

Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future

Yours sincerely,
Liesl Jackson, Post Office Limited

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Dear Roy Peterson,

Please find attached the response relating to your Freedom of Information


Information Rights Team

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