Dear Department for Transport,

Ref: F0017839

I am submitting a new request to comply with the cost/time limit.

Please provide cost details for the last two years of any PR and wider marketing activity relating to ACTIVE TRAVEL/CYCLING/WALKING within the Department for Transport's brief.

This should include:

“any grants given to third party organisations to promote DfT or its objectives on your behalf”

“external and internal costs, such as external agency support, internal staffing costs, printing, activations/events, advertising, etc”

And should be within the "Department (DfTc)" group (excluding executive agencies).

Yours faithfully,

A Tranter

Patrick Lavery, Department for Transport

3 Atodiad

Dear Mr Tranter


I have been passed your FoI request of 18 October regarding the Department
for Transport’s PR and marketing spend on active travel over the last 2
years (copied below). You are probably aware that, shortly after you made
this request, the Department responded to your 23 September request for
these details over the last 5 years (case ref F0017844, response attached
for information).


On the basis that DfT has now supplied data on active travel across a
broader 5 year period, I wanted to check whether you are content that
there is no need to provide a further response regarding the last 2 years?






dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Dear Patrick Lavery,

Thanks, I have everything I need now. Appreciate it.

Yours sincerely,

A Tranter