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Dear Selby Town Council,

I’m making a request using the Freedom of Information Act to find out how much Selby District Council is planning to spend on Christmas decorations for the town this year (2011).
• I would like a financial breakdown on what the cash is spent on? ( i.e. Christmas light, decorations, Christmas trees etc)
• I would like to know which buildings in the city have a set budget for Christmas decoration expenditure and what that is?
• I would also like the same details for the previous 5 years, dating back to 2006.
Please send the records through, address to myself, to the address stated at the top of this letter or to the email address below.

Your Sincerely,

Tracy Gee
Senior News Editor (Yorkshire)
Minster FM, York

Selby Town Council

Dear Tracy

Thank you for your FOI enquiry

We as Selby Town Council do not know what Selby District Council plan to spend on Christmas decorations for the Town, however my belief is that they are not as they have not in the past.

The decorations throughout Selby town are provided by ourselves, these consist of two public trees one in the Market Place and another in Wide Street as well as street lights along Gowthorpe and a selection of side streets. In addition there is a decorated tree and illumination outside the Town Hall.

The Town Council's annual Budget for Christmas Lights as a whole has been £30,000 per annum since 2008/9, and obviously rising costs have meant that we have needed to be more creative each year. This budget is not broken down any further by building or by any other categories.

I hope this information is what you are after, anything further could be provided by sending you the actual accounts for this budget, if you require this please let me know



Mrs Nina Rowe,
Assistant Town Clerk

I normally work Wednesday to Friday each week if a reply is more urgent please contact the office

Tel: 01757 708449 Fax; 01757 213761 e-mail: [email address] website

Selby Town Council, Town Hall, York Street, Selby, North Yorkshire. YO8 4AJ

Tel: 01757 708449 Fax; 01757 213761 e-mail: [Selby Town Council request email] website

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