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Dear North Dorset District Council,

I am the Director of a recruitment Company called Proactive
Technical Recruitment and i wondered whether you can help me please
, would you be able to provide the Name , Phone Number , Email
address for the Fleet Engineer at your Council AND / OR the
Workshop Manager , these will be the people responsible for the
maintenance of Council Vehicles such as Minibuses,Vans,Trucks etc .

I understand that some work is subcontracted out in which case
please can you supply the name of the Company you subcontract the
work to and a contact name

One final question , do you have a department that is responsible
for Passenger Transport in the Community and if so can you also
supply the name of this Gentleman or lady and a contact number or
email address

Yours faithfully,

Andy Jennings
Director - Transport Divisions
01784-487600 or 07799-866467

FOI Officer, North Dorset District Council


We acknowledge receipt of your request for information.

This will now be passed to the relevant area (s) of the authority and a
response sent within 20 working days.

If for any reason we cannot respond in full within 20 days, we will let
you know.


Thank you.


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FOI Officer, North Dorset District Council

Good Morning

NDDC do not have any such vehicles and therefore do not employ personnel for this role.


North Dorset District Council
Email: [email address]
Tel:01258 454111

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