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Fixed Penalty Notice Statistics

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Dear Salford City Council,

Could you provide the statistics (listed 1-9) below for all Fixed Penalty Notices issued for the below offences (listed 10-22)? Could you provide these statistics for the financial years of 2015/16, 2016/17 & 2017/18? Could the stats be provided in an excel table format?

FPN Statistical breakdown

1. FPNs Issued
2. FPNs paid
3. Revenue collected
4. FPNs cancelled
5. FPNs prosecuted
6. Prosecution result (guilty)
7. Prosecution result (not guilty)
8. Complaints received
9. Complaints upheld

FPN Offence categories

10. Littering
11. Dog fouling
12. Smoking in prohibited places
13. Public Space Protection Orders (could you break the stats down into each order)
14. Community Protection Notices (could you break the stats down into each order)
15. Domestic Waste
16. Commercial Waste
17. Duty of Care Notices
18. Fly Tipping
19. Street Trading
20. Free Printed Lit
21. Abandoned Trolleys
22. Alley-Way Dumping

Could you also provide answers to the following questions please.

1. How many full-time officers council/contractor enforce the above-listed offences?

2. How many hours do these hours spend patrolling the borough per year (could you break this down into each offence category numbered 1-9 above)?

3. Can you confirm your council has the powers to enforce the above the legislation. If not, can you confirm which legislation the council has the power to enforce?

4. Can you confirm the name of each council department that has the power to enforce the above legislation?

5. Is the enforcement of the above Fixed Penalty Notices carried out by the council or a contractor?

6. If the answer to the above question is a contractor, could you answer the following questions

• Name of contractor
• Is the contract a pilot or procured contract
• Contract start date
• Contracts end date

7. If the answer to question 6 is a contractor, what is the total amount of invoices paid to the contractor for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 financial years? Broken down into the specified years?

Yours faithfully,

John Wright

Van Damms, Andrew, Salford City Council

8 Atodiad

Dear Mr Wright,


I am writing with reference to your request for information dated 3 April.
We are in the process of gathering information in relation to your request
but would be grateful if you could clarify a couple of elements of your
request. First, with regard to complaints, please can you confirm whether
you are seeking information regarding complaints received about the
service or, for example, the number of complaints about dog fouling,
dropping of litter etc. In addition, with regard to Q5, Q6 and Q7, the
council currently carries out enforcement activities but, with this work
being previously carried out by a contractor, it is unclear if you would
like information providing for Q7.


The council will respond to your request promptly upon receipt of this


Yours sincerely


Andrew van Damms Principal Information Governance Officer

Legal & Governance Division

Service Reform

DD    0161 793 3957

E   [1][email address]


Salford City Council
Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton M27 5AW
T    0161 794 4711


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