Figures related to incidents caused by the gathering of Rangers fans on 15th May 2021

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Dear Police Scotland,

Following a tweet by a junior doctor on approximately 16th May 2021 that began “now hearing of multiple deaths following last night” with calls to ban the gathering of football fans after the events in Glasgow on 15th May 2021. I’d be obliged if you could furnish me with the data showing the realities behind this tweet, specifically:

- What number of people died between 15th and 16th May that can be directly attributed to the gathering on 15th?
- What number of people were victims of physical assault with sectarianism or team rivalry as a factor between 15th and 16th May?
- How many hate or sectarian crimes related to Protestantism or Catholicism happened in Scotland between 15th - 20th May?

Yours faithfully,


Police Scotland

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