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Ar hyn o bryd yn aros am ymateb gan Fife Council , rhaid iddynt ymateb yn brydlon ac fel arfer heb fod yn hwyrach na (manylion).

Dear Fife Council,
Please can you supply the following information:

Does Fife Council carry out regular Air Quality checks in the areas and communities around the FEP Mossmorran plant?

Does Fife Council investigate further or independently confirm the data provided to them by SEPA, Mossmorran & Braefoot Bay (Air Quality Group) or by Exxonmobil or Shell as correct and valid?

How would Fife Council learn about and react if the Air around the Mossmorran Plant and local communities were contaminated in an emergency situation? What is Fife Council's emergency procedure and response for such an event?

Does Fife Council know which chemicals were released in the well-publicised issue of the Black Smoke from FEP Mossmorran in the summer of 2017?

Why is Fife, the only Scottish mainland region without Live Interactive Air Quality monitoring equipment or sites as shown on the DEFRA Interactive monitoring networks map?

Can Fife Council confirm what defines a pollution episode and when was the first official episode at FEP Mossmorran?

How does Fife Council decide whether the data captured from a monitoring site are sufficient or not?

What instrumentation and methods are used By Fife Council to collect any pollutants and what measurement techniques are used to analyse them?

Is there Scope in Fife Council's Air Quality budget for further Monitoring Sites to be located in the Communities surrounding FEP Mossmorran?

Why are these monitoring sites not being provided as part of Fife Council's Duty of care for Fife Council residents?

If local residents requested these services would Fife Council be required to provide them?

I await your reply to each individual point.
Yours faithfully,

Richard Innes

Fife Council

Dear Richard Innes,


I refer to your request for information dated 13/02/2018 our ref: 20675.

The information you have requested is subject to the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, therefore, requires us under Freedom of Information Act 2002 to apply exemption S39 (2)(a) Health, Safety and the Environment, as the information is obliged by regulations under S62 to make available to the public in accordance with the regulation.

We will continue to proceed with your request under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004, which allows us 20 working days from the date after receipt of your original request.

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your request, you have the right to request a review of the decision. Please write to: Head of Legal Services, Finance & Corporate Services, Fife House, North Street, Glenrothes, KY7 5LT or e-mail to [email address]. The law provides for you to make this request up to 40 workings days from when you receive this correspondence. We add a further three working days to allow time for delivery of our response giving you up to 43 working days from the date of this correspondence to ask for a review. Where the outcome of the review fails to resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction you have the right to apply to the Scottish Information Commissioner for a decision.

Fife Council will consider and seek to resolve any request to the Head of Legal Services that falls outside this timescale.

Yours sincerely

Elaine Walters
Information Specialist

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