Family Courts – Animosity to Fathers/Rights Groups – diversity/equality training

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Dear Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service,

Please provide guidance and/or policy and/or information on the current training of the judiciary in relation to;

1. barring of father’s rights groups and barring of any legal advisers or mckenzie friends associated with such groups.

2. barring any other legal advisers when not from a fathers rights group.

2. tyraining on gender diversity and equality of representation in court proceedings for fathers and others.


MR DAVIES: Can I have leave to speak to my legal adviser?

DJ BATCUP: Yes. Who is your legal adviser?

MR DAVIES: It is a charity.

DJ BATCUP: If it is back to Friends of Fathers*, no.

MR DAVIES: It is not them.

*No such group as Friends of Fathers can be found [believe he meant Fathers 4 Justice or Families Need Fathers or other?]

Yours faithfully,

Gwynne Davies


1 Atodiad

Dear Ms Davies,


Please see attached the response to your recent request made under the
Freedom of Information Act.


Yours sincerely,


David Hall

Judicial College

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