Falkner Place

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Dear Liverpool City Council,
Hello. I have recently been looking at the planning application for Falkner Place (application no. PL/INV/2891/17). The link to the "Related Documents" page seems to be broken. To help you here is a link to the page that the broken link is on http://northgate.liverpool.gov.uk/Planni... Menus/PL.xml&DAURI=PLANNING This link was working until very recently. Can you fix it please or send me a new link to the information in this section of the webpage. Thanks in advance.
Yours faithfully, S.Rotheram.

Gadawodd S. Rotheram anodiad ()

Hello. Sorry the link that I sent you does not seem to work. S. Rotheram.

Information Requests, Liverpool City Council

Dear Sir/Madam

PL/INV/2891/17 is an invalid application from 2017 and as it isn't valid wouldn’t be available on line.

Application 15F/2736 relates to the same premises and can be accessed at http://northgate.liverpool.gov.uk/Docume...


Information Team

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