failure rate for postgraduate certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy

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Catherine Humphries

Dear University of York,
Please could you give me updated information of the pass and failure rate of the Postgaduate Dyslexia and Literacy Certifiate. More specifically, could you also give precise details of the pass and failure rate those who referred on the course for the last five years.

Yours faithfully,

Catherine Humphries

Charles Fonge, University of York

Dear Catherine Humphries,

Thank you for your request of 11 August and refined in your subsequent emails of 11 and 16 August. As the University deals with the issuing of the certificates, it does not itself hold the more detailed information relating to specific withdrawals, deferrals and modules you have requested. In order to provide such assistance as we can, we are making third party enquiries on your behalf. As soon as we have any further information will be in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Fonge

Dr Charles Fonge
University Records Manager and Archivist

Borthwick Institute
University of York
York YO10 5DD
Email: [University of York request email]

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