Failure of SLaM to answer complaints indefinitely.

Mae'r ymateb i'r cais hwn yn hwyr iawn. Yn ôl y gyfraith, ym mhob amgylchiad, dylai NHS England fod wedi ymateb erbyn hyn. (manylion). Gallwch gwyno drwy yn gofyn am adolygiad mewnol.

[name removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Public Interest Disclosure.

Dear NHS England,

Re: Patricia Towner. YMCA. Eva House. Croydon.

Please could you explain why South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust have refused to answer complaints regarding alleged abuse, negligence and neglect since August 2012?

The Trust is supporting the eviction of a vulnerably ill adult from a bed they pay for to save money and put her inappropriately in a nursing home against her will. What can NHS England do to get the Trust to answer the damning and scandalous allegations.

PHSO cannot get involved as SLaM have delayed responding to the complaints indefinitely and they prefer local resolution but the Trust refuse any resolution.

Yours faithfully,

[name removed] [name removed]


Thank you for contacting NHS England.


Your Freedom of Information (FOI) request, which we received on 13
February 2014 has been allocated a reference number of SDR 211327.  Please
quote this reference in any further communication regarding this matter.


Your FOI request has been passed to the Case Management Team and a Case
Officer will acknowledge your request within two working days.  We will
respond to your FOI request within 20 working days in line with the FOI
Act 2000.


If you require any further information or wish to speak to someone about
your request, please contact NHS England at the email address and
telephone number shown below.


Yours sincerely




NHS England

PO Box 16738 | Redditch | B97 9PT

0300 3 11 22 33

[NHS England request email]






dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Grindrod Adam (NHS ENGLAND), NHS England

Dear Mr [name removed],


Thank you for your enquiry regarding South London and Maudsley NHS
Foundation Trust.


I note that you have made this request under the provisions of the Freedom
of Information (FOI) Act 2000. However, NHS England is unable to progress
your enquiry as a Freedom of Information Request as the FOI Act allows you
to request information that is recorded and held rather than statements of


Please note NHS England is responsible for commissioning primary care
services (i.e. GPs, dentists and pharmacies) and some specialised
secondary care services; NHS England is not responsible for the entirety
of the NHS in England. Hospital Trusts are separate organisations and NHS
England is unable to investigate complaints relating to other NHS


If you feel the organisation you have originally complained to has become
unresponsive and local resolution cannot be completed, you can still refer
the matter to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) whose
details can be found at:



Yours Sincerely,



Customer Contact Centre Case Officer


NHS England

PO Box 16738


B97 9PT


Tel: 0300 311 22 33

Email: [2][NHS England request email]



dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir


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2. mailto:[NHS England request email]

Gadawodd [name removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) anodiad ()

Many thanks for your reply but it had not been helpful.

Written to PHSO but they cannot get involved until 'local resolution' takes place. SLaM have refused to answer complaints of negligence and abuse since August 2012 which is particularly unreasonable timeframe.

NHS England should step in to stop SLaM failing in their statory requirement. They have refused valid access to medical records and are acting in a way harmful to a vulnerable patient whilst NHS England do nothing.

LB Croydon, YMCA and SLaM have orchestrated a campaign against a vulnerable person to evict her from her accommodation not due to antisocial behaviour or rent arrears but because of age, mental health and disability discrimination. This is clearly a public interest disclosure as LB Croydon have failed to meet their statutory duties by refusing to investigate how a vulnerable 62 year old can be threatened with the 'locks being changed' and being made homeless on the street.

I have asked the Archbishop of York, President if the YMCA, the charities commission, PHSO, housing ombudsman, health care agency and members of parliament as well as LB Councillors to look into this.

To date the response has been polite but ineffective. In which time a homeless vulnerable person will have been kicked out on the streets by YMCA.

Please help.

Gadawodd Woods anodiad ()

How is it legal to refuse to speak on what you’re greasily trying to get away with? I just lived in the YMCA for a year and 10 months waiting for a council property (severely depressed). I had always been responsive and civil with staff, polite, they would have said.

Gross negligence, they don’t want to do their job properly, and get away with it. I don’t have it as bad as others, and I see through these transparent scumbags walking around in priest’s clothes.

Who do I speak to? It’s an organisation... you’ve got no case, they are independently funded?
Not good enough. I’m not being treated like a human.

Oliver W. Woods