External Visit and Risk Management documents

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Dear Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust,

1. Please could you provide the Management of External Agency Visits, Inspections and Accreditations Policy.

2. Please could you provide the Risk Management Policy, Risk Management Strategy, Risk Assessment Guide and Risk Register Guide.

Yours faithfully,



3 Atodiad

Dear Requestor


Please find attached a letter responding to your FOI Request received on
22^nd May 2018. 


The email address for submitting FOI requests is: [email address] please
always use this email address, the Trust would be grateful for any
feedback you have with regards to your request for information.
Yours sincerely,


Information Governance Office
Tel: 01276 533439 (ext 2429)


If you are dissatisfied with the processing of your request, you are
entitled to appeal to the Trust, please email:
[1][email address]  
Alternatively, you are entitled to appeal to the Information Commissioner
(Tel: 01625 545 745). Further details can be found at [2]www.ico.gov.uk.

The information provided is the property of Frimley Health NHS Trust and
subject to Intellectual Property and Database Rights. Any commercial
application or use of this information may be subject to the provisions of
the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015. This means that
if you wish to re-use the information provided for commercial purposes for
any reason you must ask us for permission to do so.  Should the Trust
agree that the information can be re-used, it will be subject to the issue
of a licence which may or may not involve a fee.

The information that has been provided in response to this Freedom of
Information Act request will be subject to copyright protection. In most
cases the copyright will be owned by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust.

To enquire about re-using the information or if you have any enquiries
about Re-use, please write to us at the above address or email
[3][email address]





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