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Dear General Dental Council,

In 2011, due to a decision in the Supreme Court, expert witnesses lost their 400 year old immunity from being sued in cases where their advice has been deemed negligent. DO expert witnesses working for the GDC hold any kind of immunity through the Dentist Act 1984, or are they in the same boat as all other expert witnesses?

In other words if (as has happened in several recent "No Case to Answer" rulings) the Expert Witnesses were seen to be negligent/incompetent do they have immunity from being sued by a Registrant who their flawed evidence has damaged?

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, MSc

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Dear Mr Hudson,
I write further to your email allow. I regret that the GDC is unable to
provide the legal advice you are requesting. If you wish to ascertain the
liability of an expert witness for the advice given, may I suggest that
you consult a solicitor or your local Citizen's Advice Bureau.
Wishing you the compliments of the season,
Susan Lightman
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