Dear Public Health England,

Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

Please provide data to prove that that the experimental covid-19 vaccines currently being issued in the United Kingdom

Reduce transmission of covid-19
Reduce deaths
Do not cause short and long term antibody-dependent enhancement
Do not cause fertility problems
Are more effective in treating covid-19 than alternative treatments including Ivermectin and


Paul Lewis

FOI, Public Health England

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Dear Paul Lewis,

Please find attached Public Health England's response to your request.

FOI Team
Public Accountability Unit
Public Health England
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Dear FOI,

Given your response

"PHE can confirm that it does not hold information as specified in your request."

How can you make the marketing/coercion statement that the experimental injection can reduce transmission of covid-19.

Employees of Public Health England are in breach of the Nuremberg Code

paul lewis