Roedd y cais yn llwyddiannus.

Dear House of Lords,

I would like to know in the year of 2016 so far how much (if any) expenses have been claimed by the following members of the House of Lords.

Lord Alan Sugar.
Baroness Karen Brady.

Yours faithfully,

Duncan Cushenan

HL FOI & Information Compliance, Tŷ'r Arglwyddi

Dear Mr. Cushenan,


I am writing in response to your email to the House of Lords


These members have not claimed expenses from the House of Lords.


You may be interested to know that details of expenses claimed by members
are published on the parliamentary website at:




The guide to the system of financial support for members is available at:




I hope this is helpful,


Yours sincerely,



Frances Grey

Freedom of Information Officer

House of Lords


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