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Dear Advertising Standards Authority,

If an advertisement promoting a course or system on how to make money has been promoted in the past on an internet website and subsequently was removed sometime later from the internet by the vendor and the ASA did not make any judgements on that particular sales material but then at a later date an exact same word for word, design, one hundred percent exactly the same advertisement, even if for example both separate sales materials had the exact same 10,000 or 15,000 words and the same fifty or so pictures and also both sales web pages had the same identical layout has again been put up on the internet even if it was put up on the internet from a `different` vendor advertising the same type course or system again.

If a complaint was submitted to the ASA regarding this secondary sales material and was found to be in breach of your rules then would the same rules apply to the previous exact same advertisement even though the first sales material would not have been scrutinised by the ASA.

I am aware that advertisements are judged on their individual merits and other factors but please correct me if I am wrong in that if an exact clone of a previous sales material is judged for example to be misleading, then would the first sales material be classified as misleading without being held up to scrutiny by the ASA considering both of them have exactly the same wording and context.

Yours faithfully,

Mark McNamara

Enquiries, Advertising Standards Authority

Dear Mark

An ASA ruling will apply to the advertiser who has been subject to an investigation but more generally applies to its competitors/others in that sector making similar or identical claims.

We don't, however, look into complaints about ads that are no longer appearing.

Kind regards

Matt Wilson

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Senior Media Relations Officer
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