Dear East of England Broadband Network,

I would like to request more information about the following contract:

It would seem that this is a framework agreement to procure Net Zero infrastructure - is that correct? If so, can you tell me why this contract, which is listed as being worth £70 billion, is going to just one company, PLACE group Ltd? This company had assets of just £344,417 at its last financial filing in 2020, so can you explain why a contract worth £70 billion is being awarded to just one small company?

Yours faithfully,

John Lubbock

Chris Kastel, East of England Broadband Network

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You are not correct that the framework agreement is to procure a Net Zero


The detail of our requirements are quite clear in the published tender
notice which you can find in the European Journal or Find a Tender


The party appointed under the framework is required to: 


“…impartially control, manage and deliver against the full range of
required areas within the ITT and to maintain and integrate such competing
sub-contractors as necessary to ensure choice and flexibility in each
category, best value and seamless interoperability…” 


This clearly does not require Place Group to be able to self-deliver the
entirety of the contract.

It is envisaged that Place Group Ltd will manage a comprehensive range of
sub-providers to deliver against the ITT.


The value of £70B was arrived at by reference to the statement by UNISON
that that public sector is likely to require £140b over the next ten years
to achieve the government target for Net Zero and, as typically 66% of a
projects costs are utilised in the first 33% of the projects timeline, it
is not unreasonable to estimate a framework value of £70B. A value has to
be apportioned to a framework and the actual value through the framework
could be much lower. Place Group will not, however, be expected to
self-deliver anywhere near £70 billion of services.

The tender is for a framework and no guarantee of business is made or



Kind Regards


Chris Kastel

Chief Executive Officer

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Dear Chris Kastel,

Thank you for this reply Chris. I would however say that it's really unclear what this contract is for, and your explanation doesn't clarify for me what this contract is for. First of all, the acronym 'ITT' is never defined. This may be a good example of where the civil servant putting the info into the contract publication knows what the acronym stands for, but to the outside observer, it's meaningless. So the contract doesn't define the main term that the contract is about, and that's what makes this confusing. The Public Sector should be aware that non-experts are looking at these contracts to see where the government is spending money, and if the information you put here is vague or littered with industry acronyms, it's going to be hard to understand, and lead to FoIs like this. Please consider laypeople when you fill out the information in these contracts.

Yours sincerely,

John Lubbock