Evaluation of the affects of the spare room subsidy on Sanctuary Housing within Swindon

Edna Fellows made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Sanctuary Housing

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Dear Sanctuary Housing,

I am seeking information about the impact of central government welfare reform policies on eviction rates with social housing tenancies and the impact to social housing providers as a business. My information request relates to:

- Under-Occupancy (also known as Removal of Spare Room Subsidy / Bedroom Tax)

1. Please provide an annual breakdown since April 2010 of the total number of Swindon Sanctuary Housing tenancies - that have been evicted due to the non-payment of rent arrears.

2. For each year of this annual breakdown since April 2013, please disclose how many of these evicted households - including the total number of people recorded as living in them - had at some point been affected by:

a. Under-occupancy - spare room subsidy

3. Please advise as to the impact this Government Policy has had on Sanctuary Housing as a business. For example, training staff, producing tenant literature, court costs.

4. Please provide the amount of Swindon Sanctuary Housing tenants affected by the spare room subsidy in 2012 and in 2017. Of those affected in 2012, how many remained affected in 2017.

5. How have the effects of equality and diversity been taken into consideration by Sanctuary Housing with regard to the spare room subsidy?

Yours faithfully,

Karen Holton